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        Oct. , 2018, DSM attended the World Intelligent Network United Automobile Congress.
        2018.10.18 Pageview:632

        On October 18, 2018, the World Intelligent Network United Automobile Congress with the theme of "striding into the new era of automobiles" opened in Beijing. Wu Deping, chairman of Suzhou DSM green power Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the Congress to discuss some problems, such as the development status and future trends of Intelligent Network United Automobile at home and abroad, policy environment, industry ecology and standard construction etc..

        Above: Wu Deping, chairman of Suzhou DSM Green Power Co.Ltd. Publish a forum

        Above:Wu Deping, chairman of the board, reported to the conference about the production and operation of DSM new energy product and its development plan.

        As a high-end R&D company for new energy electric vehicles, DSM green power has gained a lot of support from the government for its rich experience in product development, manufacturing, operation, sales management and deep insight into users.